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MC Systems Solutions LLC

Our Community Development Software

Good Community Development Software does more than help with daily tasks—it helps achieve long-term goals.

Our Community Development programs will help protect the standard of living in your municipality—and have a very visible impact on the environs of your town. They can increase your revenues and decrease your expenses. They are proven effective..

  • Planning/zoning/zoning officer applications
  • Construction permits, and
  • Rental registration applications
  • Code enforcement inspections
  • Mercantile licensing and inspection
  • Vacant an foreclosed property management
  • Fire registration and inspection

(☼) Send us your email for a free copy of Compendium of NJ Legislation Related to Vacant and Foreclosed Properties

What Our ComDev Software Does For You...

Note that all the programs are complete document management systems with: scanning, links to MSword, photos, mail merge, and more . They encapsulate all documents relating to the subject. Includes GIS and Google Maps access at no charge. Attach film clips and voice recordings. Users can see data from the other programs no matter what program is active. i.e. the programs talk to each other.

⇨ THE ENFORCER for Code Enforcement and Rent Registration

MCSystems provides free conversion of data if you have an existing database. If not MCSystems can supply a startup registration database and assistance in validating it. Billing is a snap. The Enforcer too is widely acclaimed as the best software available for the purpose and has replaced competitor’s products in many towns.

⇨ MPAS For the construction Office

Emphasizes local office needs over state needs. Complete permit processing with permit pricing, plan review, and inspections. It processes violations and allows freeform notes to be entered against permits. Can use alone, but can also integrate with other MCSystems programs. Efficient handling of ongoing inspections. Produces dumpster, road opening and many other ad hoc permits.

⇨ The Planner for Planning/Zoning/Zoning Officer 

The Planner provides continuity of records when, over time, staff changes or board changes are made. Because of the orderly and complete storage of information, towns no longer have to rely on the oldest board member or an especially competent secretary to locate property history. The Planner has replaced competitor software in many towns.

⇨ Merc - Mercantile Licensing

In some ways MERC is similar to The Enforcer. The method of operating it is the same; the presentation looks familiar. Differences are in the data collected and the method of billing: MERC offers the choice of billing by element, e.g. No. of tables, chairs; or billing by facility, e.g. Joes Barber Shop..

⇨ Vacant and Foreclosed Properties

When The Enforcer proved inadequate for the complexities of managing vacant and foreclosed properties, MCSystems created a program specifically designed for the purpose. VACANT encapsulates all contacts and other items relating to the property and provides features to make managing these properties less burdensome.

MCSystems web applications (beta): Municipal Inspections and NJ Permits Online.

Features of MCSystems Software

MPAS for the Construction Office

⚬ Shows the BIG PICTURE first in a browse.
⚬ You see all important data on one screen without a report.
⚬ Easy to learn.
⚬ Data from you old program imported free.
⚬ Planning/zoning, violations, and inspection information for highlighted record on main browse screen.

The Planner for Planning, Zoning, and Zoning Officer

⚬ Same features as MPAS.
⚬ On browse screen see all or switch between Planning-zoning - zoning officer.
⚬ Shows a succinct status of an application to the right of the browse.
⚬ Checklist also to the right of the browse.
⚬ Tracks bonds, fees, and escrow

The Enforcer for Code Enforcement, Rent Registration and Billing

⚬ Photos reduce office calls.
⚬ Code citation with comments improves court success.
⚬ iPad or desktop entry.
⚬ Send to offender by emai.
⚬ Approx 20 sec to add a registration.
⚬ Automated billing.
⚬ Never lose a letter, memo, photo or scanned item, even a drawing.

Vacant for Vacant and Foreclosed Properties

⚬ Vacant makes the management of vacant and foreclosed properties much easier.
⚬ Everything is encapsulated so you won’t lose track of documents.
⚬ Associates file tracks all people connected with the property. Point -and shoot to send a letter to any of them.
⚬ Sample letters, certificates, etc. provided for your use, modify as required.
⚬ Bill all properties at once in just a few minutes (or bill one at a time or in groups).
⚬ Tax file provided with point-and-shoot access.

MERC for Mercantile Licensing, Billing and Inspection

⚬ Flexible billing. Bill by facility (e.g. Joe’s Barber Shop), or by item (e.g.16 slot machines, 10 tables).
⚬ Bill all properties at once in just a few minutes (or bill one at a time or in groups)
⚬ Same type of screens as Enforcer/Vacant, etc.. Know one and you know them all

Coordinated Web Applications Using an iPad

⚬ Our web programs use point-and-shoot instead of keyboard word completion, dictation instead of text typing.
⚬ We also offer ComplaintsOnline which relates to Enforcer tickler, PermitsOnline which accepts applications from the public, and PaymentsOnline for payment of fees.
⚬ No Download. Feeds database directly via Verizon.


⚬ Allows the user to download the most recent property tax information from the Internet to update the local files.
⚬ Works for New Jersey and, soon, Pennsylvania
⚬ Choice to merge files or simply replace the existng file Each property record is date-stamped to indicate the year of the record
⚬ About 6 clicks of the mouse and your tax files are updated


⚬ Will be Available soon!

The Most Advanced ComDev Software in New Jersey

Screen Presentation: Form-first presentations are old fashioned, wasteful, and blind you to the big picture. MCSystems starts with a view of the entire database, a screenful of records at a time. The big picture!

Unlimited Photos and Scanning: Cherry Hill has over 20,000 inspection photos; Palmyra is scanning building layouts for emergency use. Avalon scans staff licenses. You can even scan large format documents such as plans.

Security and Sharing: Your choice. Allow open access, login only, restrict screens, restrict individual fields or actions. By user or group. This means that you can allow anybody in the municipality access yet restrict what they may view or change.

More on Sharing: The programs have a tax file view showing all communication, inspections, occupants, photos, and more for a given block/lot. You’ve got to see it ! Moreover, most of the programs have a log file which shows all correspondence and other contacts for each of the programs you own. Again, The big picture!

Tax File Validation of Entries: No permit, inspection, or registration of any type, or application, is entered without validation against the tax file.

Web Interface and Desktop Too!

⚬ Point and shoot or dictation. (keystrokes minimized)

⚬ Tablet, laptop, or desktop (or even cell phone if your eyes are good). An app optimized for cell phone coming.

The MCSystems Web version and the desktop version share the same database.

Mapping: Free access to Google maps and GIS.

Tickler: Your ticklers appear at login. One-click clears them but they remain on record with a time and date of clearance. You can write a response when you clear the tickler.

e-mail: Built-in emailing of memos and PDF documents.

Microsoft SQL back end and much more... This is just a sampling. Our ComDev programs have many additional advanced features that others have not even dreamed of

You may want to ask...

(a competing vendor)

1. How much is annual license/support ? (Careful. One vendor likes to hide the real cost)

2. How many users are included free?

3. Do you convert our old data and import it into your system?

4. If, after a month or two our users do not like your system will you export all new data so it can be restored into our old system?

5. Does your system have a means of entering inspections on a tablet in the field?

6. Can the public enter permit requests directly into your system on the web?

Other Stuff:

A. Is a GIS and Google Maps interface included?

B. Does your system handle plan review

C. How does your system handle Ongoing Inspections?

D. Does your system have a tickler?

E. Is your system a complete document and contact manager?

F. Does your system handle photo import and document scanning?

If it does not do all of these things then it is not a truly advanced system.

Our Users Say...

“Much better than our old software!. This is my Favorite program. ...easy and support is terrific. I especially like the planning/zoning alert, payment tracking, and how easy it is to find things generally”

“When talking to other towns, I always felt that [our software] was way ahead of anything they had.”

“I love it! [MPAS] is an all-purpose functional and easy system complying with State requirements.”

“I couldn’t do this job without it [The Enforcer].”

(Cherry hill records as many as 60 inspections/day per inspector and has 2 over terabytes of photos)

“....the inspection report with photos has reduced our calls about violations by at least 50%.”

“ office paperwork has been reduced by at least 75%.”

“[The Planner] is remarkable. Everything for an application is encapsulated to make it easy to track [correspondence, bonds, escrow, photos, scanned items].”

“Pine Hill says that three recent incidents show the value of The Enforcer:

1. Probably saved the life of a diabetic

 2. Found the assailant in an assault

3. Traced the home of two very young lost children.”

“Keansburg (pop. 10,000), the first year:

Over $300,000 revenue from rental registration and code enforcement

More importantly, the appearance of the town was visibly improved.”


...that, upon purchase of The Enforcer, MCSystems can perform an analysis to identify all the rental properties in town, create your first rental registration database, and help you print the first mailing to the owners selected. The returns from this mailing will be the start of your database and may pay for the entire software purchase.

...that when you upgrade to MCSystems software, the data from your previous system is converted and imported into our products? Do any of our competitors do this?

...that unlike the competition, MCSystems programs are fully integrated with each other? For example, you can see planning/zoning information when you enter a construction permit. In fact, you are automatically alerted!

...that MCSystems Community Development products are the best available in New Jersey? Both in depth and breadth our programs are better than the competition. Yet both purchase and annual costs are lower.

... that MCSystems provides free access to Google maps and to GIS.

...that our programs have the best security around? We can restrict access to the field level if you desire it.

...that MCSystems is willing to challenge any other system for ease of use. Counting keystrokes alone, we believe that most of our programs will require 50% or less of the keystrokes for the same task in another program.

...that we are passionate about what we do: the design and implementation of the best quality software to help municipalities, counties and states.

...that our competitors would love to be able to write software that has the visibility (the big picture) and the screens that we provide. But they don’t know how, they don’t have the vision, and even if they could provide them the job would be far too expensive!

Vendor Name MCSystems Alternative 1 Alternative 2
Coverage (functions)
Construction Office (Accepted by State) (MPAS)
Code Enforcement (Prop Maint & Violations) (Enforcer)
Code Enforcement (Zoning)
Rental Registration (Enforcer)
Planning/Zoning/Zoning Officer (Planner)
Mercantile Licensing (MERC)
Vacant Prop Mgmt (VACANT)
Fire Registration & Inspection (FireReg)
Enter 400 Rental Registrations
Enter inspection (Any program)
5-Mouse clicks
Find 'Smith' (Any program)
3 keystrokes
Print Certificate, envelope (Any program)
Usually 2-clicks
Payment Processing (Any program)
Usually 3-clicks
Print All Bills (Rental Registration)
5 min
e-Mail Inspections and documents
1 min
Free Data Conversion from old system
Tax Files installed at setup
Startup Rental Database and Initial Billing
Home Office
Central NJ
On-Site, Electronic, Phone, Support
Number of NJ Installations
Approx 60
Train until you can effectively use program
Pricing (Ask for package discounts)
Standard ea. (Enforcer, Planner, etc.)
Sale price ends on or before Sept 2017
Software Installation & Training lead staff
Annual Licensing/Support, first product (3 Seats)
Annual Licensing/Support, additional products
Remote Access, 5 simultaneous users
Courtesy Users (peek but not change)
Browser: Inspections on Tablet or Laptop
Browser: Permits on Tablet or Laptop
Browser: Client Application for Permits
Interface to Word/Excel
Print Individual Envelopes and Labels
Unlimited Photos
Unlimmited scanning
Track Department Revenue
Query Capability
Complete Document Management
Complete Contact Management
Complete Cross-referencing Btwn Functions
Complete Cross-referencing to Tax File
Chrono File, all Documents
Google Maps and ArcGIS free
Signatures on Documents
License Tracking
Unlimited User Modifiable Document Templates
Secure Inter-departamental Sharing

About Us

MC Systems Software and Services is dedicated to making life easier for municipal employees. We, at MC Systems, write software that does the grunt work for you. It does this work easily, efficiently and completely. Take for example or Enforcer program for code enforcement, it illustrates our approach:

The Enforcer not only includes the codes you need and tracks every contact you make, but it produces a variety of customizable certificates, it has a container for standard letters that you can modify or add-to, and it even produces envelopes and labels, and, of course bills. And yet, this is the easiest program on the market!

Take a look at our offerings. We would love to show them to you!. Call us or text us at the number below if you would like a demo